Change and Innovation was made with continuous question and Challenge.

Challenge and Efforts of Sweat for 30 years ! Numerous patent rights and awards are the business results of all the staff and employees. For the responsibility of absolute safety in industrial sites, SHINHAN Electronics has developed and provided the more practical and safer products through the incessant research and experiment for 365 days all the year round. SHINHAN Electronics will also continue to contribute to the world and leave a more significant trace of effort for the future onwards.

제 2회 방호장치 및 보호구 품평회
우수상 수상 SH-2000

제 6회 안전기기 검정대상
대상 수상 SH-1000A

제 11회 방호장치 및 보호구 품평회
장려상 수상 SH-3000

제 13회 방호장치 및 보호구 품평회
우수상 수상 SH-2000HT

2018   05  
Acquired Patent No.10-1863115 of Smart crane safety management system
2017   08  
Acquired Patent No.10-1767734 of Crane safety diagnosis system
2016   07  
The 20th Quality Award protection safeguards Fair Prize Award
2016   04  
SH-750 series Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency safety certification
2015   07  
SH-1200 series Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency safety certification
2015   04  
European certification standards LOAD LIMITER & MOMENT LIMITER CE Certification
2014   08  
Acquired Patent No.10-1428475 of Wire cutting load cell for high place working vehicles
2014   05  
Acquired Patent No.10-1397394 of Overturn preventing device of high place works car
2013   12  
Acquired Certificate of 2008 Edition for ISO 9001 by LRQA, a member of the Lloyd's Register Group, for load limiter device & load moment limiter device
2013   12  
Tested for Manufacturing & Operating 80ton capacity Crawler crane by SHINHAN HUVANCE Co.,Ltd. affiliated with the Shinhan Electronics
2012   07  
Acquired Patent No.10-1168568 of Anemoscope & Anemometer
2012   05  
Acquired Certificate (Patent No.1144718) of Remote Control System of the crane
2011   09  
Acquired Certificate (Patent No.1064625)of the lifting management system of the crane and its using method
2011   06  
Acquired Certificate (No.1044036) of 4-axis type wireless remote control controller using a load cell

2010   01  
Supplied SKY crane’s overturn prevention device large quantity In Korea
2009   07  
Received a Excellent Award at the quality evaluation contest for safeguard equipment and personal safe gear
2008   11  
Acquired Patent of crane hoisting management system (Joint application with Samsung Co.)
2008   09  
Acquired Patent No.10-080624 of Wireless overload protection device to be installed to crane’s hook
2008   07  
Acquired Patent No.10-0845128 of Crane safety device system
2007   12  
Acquired Patent of Digital Laser staff device (Joint application with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Eng.Co.,Ltd.)
2007   06  
Developed a Lower price Type Collision Protection Device for Tower Crane first in Korea (Received a Incentive Award at 11th Safety Devices’ Quality Contest by KOSHA)
2006   07  
ISO 9001:2000 전자식 안전장치의 설계, 개발 및 생산 -Orion Registrar, Inc 인증
2006   05  
Exported ShinHan’s Products to China, Singapore and Malaysia (Began to supply it large quantity through maintaining ShinHan’s technical power and reliability with overseas)
2005   01  
Completed development of Laser Detector & began to supply it (Co-Works with DaeWoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co.,Ltd.)
2004   10  
Operated Chinese Local Factory and acquired ISO 9001 in China (UKAS)
2002   07  
Received a Excellent Award for Overload Limiter(6th Safety Devices Quality Contest: Model No.:SH-1000A )by KOSHA
2001   08  
Updated and acquired Certificate of 2000 Edition for ISO 9001
2001   04  
ShinHan’s Chinese Local Factory acquired Safety Qualification Certificate for Auto Overload Limiter by China (5 Safety Items)

2000   03  
Acquired Safety Qualification Certificate named “S MARK” by KOSHA (15 Safety Items)
1998   08  
Acquired Electronic Safety Device Certificate of ISO 9001 among the same industry first in Korea
1998   07  
Received a excellent quality Award of safety & prevention Devices for Overload Limiter of Mobile Crane
1991   10  
Began to supply A.M.L for Mobile Crawler & hydraulic Crane first in Korea
1991   01  
Acquired Safety Qualification Certificate of Auto Moment Limiter for Tower Crane and Jib Crane from KOSHA
1990   05  
Acquired Safety Qualification Certificate for Overload Limiter from KOSHA (Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency)first in Korea.
1988   03  
Exclusively began to supply Load Limiter to Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co.,Ltd. HyunDai Heavy industries Co.,Ltd, HanJin Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. And DooSan Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.
1987   11  
Developed Load Cell application Load Limiter first in Korea
1986   04  
Completed development of Moment Limiter for jib crane, and Exclusively contracted and supplied ShinHan’s Products to HyunDai Heavy Industries Co.
1984   01  
Established Company named ShinHan Electric Industry Co. (Products name : Load Limiter)
1983   11  
Completed development of Electric Load Limiter for crane and hoist